Well WorkStation - Standing Desk Converter for Monitor & Keyboard users

Well WorkStation - Standing Desk Converter for Monitor & Keyboard users

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The Well WorkStation

This is our unique sit-stand desk design, ideal for when you are working from home or take it with you to the office and look after your upper posture.

This standing desk converter is made from 15mm Birch Plywood and the top monitor shelf can hold at least 20kg (which is enough for any standard monitor, laptop or iMac). 

Each shelf can be adjusted in height and placed in any order and unlike other desk converters you can place the shelves at any height without needing extra supports. 


The base of the unit has a footprint of 40cm wide by 38cm deep, the total height is 72cm. The distance from the top to the front foot support is 48cm.

The shelves can be adjusted to suit your own needs, it includes a laptop / monitor shelf, a keyboard shelf and an extra shelf for your coffee mug (or pens / phones etc). 


The keyboard shelf is 66cm wide and 25cm deep (extending to 31cm where the mouse goes).

The laptop / monitor shelf is 40cm wide and 27cm deep.

The coffee shelf is 30cm wide and 18cm deep.


The whole unit flat packs down for easy storage or transportation. This listing is for the Well WorkStation only and doesn't include the desk, furniture, laptop or accessories. 

This is supplied in the natural look of the Birch Plywood. It could be varnished or stained by yourself if required, a finish like Osmo Oil would seal the unit to prevent any stains or watermarks.

***The Well WorkStation includes 3 Shelves (Keyboard, Laptop / Monitor & Coffee)*** 

  • Back Pain?

    What can the Well WorkStation do for you?
    Back pain is a huge problem for office workers. It is said to cost the UK economy £20 billion every year! The British Chiropractic Association research found that British workers take an average of 12 days off a year with back pain. Much of this is attributed to poor posture when working, whether this is in the office or from home.
    Employers have a responsibility to ensure staff have a safe workspace. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is often at the bottom of the priority list. More and more people are working from home in a makeshift workspace. Those that are still going into the office are often working under stressful conditions and do not want to complain. Even employers that are trying their best to do the right thing can find it difficult to cater for every individual’s shape and size.
    When working, your posture is all important but so easy to forget.  Your desk may not be the correct height for you, your keyboard may be too high or too low or your screen could be too close or too far away. All these factors and more can affect your posture and in turn cause back, neck or other musculoskeletal problems.
    The Well WorkStation has been designed with the advice and guidance of Osteopath, Terry Emery, who works in busy clinic, Moore’s Osteopathy, in Nottingham.  It’s flexibility and portability makes it an ideal solution to keep the perfect posture whether at home or in the office. Positioned on top of your desk, your laptop or tablet fits perfectly on its completely height adjustable ledges. With no set positions, the Well WorkStation can be adjusted to the exact right height for you.
    The Well WorkStation works perfectly whether you prefer to sit at your desk or find standing a better way to work. 

    Terry Emery recommends standing whilst working is much better for your back and improves back problems.

  • Assembly and Use

    This will arrive flatpack in 1 box.

    Lay the main 'spine' on a flat surface and take the 'foot' part and push it into the 2 slots. This will make your frame. After you have stood the frame up you can take the large, keyboard shelf, and slide it over the top of the frame, moving it down to your required height. You can then add the other shelves to suit. To move a shelf up or down you need to lift it at the front to disengage it from the frame.

    Please avoid placing drinks or food on the desk until it is varnished as this may leave marks in the wood.

  • Reviews on Etsy

    Take a look on our Etsy page where these all started, you will see we have lots of 5 Star reviews on the Well WorkStations.


  • Key Details

    • Made in England using precision CNC machines and A grade, light weight, 15mm Birch Ply. The finish is a natural wood look, showing the beautiful grain of the wood. The Well WorkStation will fit into any modern or traditional home or office.
    • Fully adjustable shelves can be set at a height to suit you, not just in a designated slot, it’s also space saving and can convert any surface into a standing desk, ideal for working from home or taking to the office with you.
    • The Well WorkStation can hold laptops or monitors up to 20kg. The whole unit only weighs 6kg and packs down flat into 5 parts for easy storage, no screws required.
    • Designed with the advice and guidance of Osteopath, Terry Emery, this Standing Desk Converter helps back pain and improves your working environment.
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